Two New Books!!

All right, I finally finished two more books – I had to read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn for school, and The Vampire Diaries: The Return Volume 3: Midnight I read for my own benefit. I’ll admit, Mark Twain, the classic author of 19th century America, is an amazing writer – I love the character Huck – but the grammar of people in the 19th century was awful! It was very difficult to get through the book because of the speech of the time. However, I’m sure when the book was originally published the people of the time could understand it perfectly fine. So maybe what I’m saying is that I never want to time travel to the South of the 1800’s? Yep, that sounds about right.

But The Vampire Diaries is an excellent series. My cousin got me started on them, and although I was unable to read the two books before Midnight, I liked this one well enough. I know, I know, I read the last book in a series (at least so far) without reading the two before it?!? Yes, unfortunately I came across this one first, but you know what? I’m going to go back to read those two books, and I read the first three books, so don’t go judging me – I don’t LIKE to read a series out of order! You know those Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books? Yeah, there’s about 200 of those, and I read them in order! Not that those books really even needed to be read in order.
Vampires. Yes, I know they’re cliche nowadays, especially after the Twilight series came out – (which, by the way, I have something to sayon that too, but that’s another post) – but this series isn’t quite like Stephanie Meyer’s version three-one-two-point-oh of vamps, sparkling in sunlight and such. This is more the blood-and-gore, sly, inhuman type of vampire.

For those of you who are not familiar with the series, let me give a little background – for those who have read the series, you can skip the next paragraph or so if you so desire. This series begins with a teenager named Elena Gilbert, a very All-American girl with blonde hair, blue eyes, and the jocks jostling for the position of her boyfriend. Her clique is a circle of very close friends though – Merdith Sulez, Bonnie McCullough, and Caroline Forbes. The girls are unusual in the fact that they do like each other, and share everything with each other. That is, until Elena discovers two new boys in town. She decides to make one of them her new boyfriend, not knowing that he and his brother are vampires. Stefan and Damon, the vampire brothers, elude Elena, arousing her curiousity. Elena discovers that they are vampires first, and then shares with Bonnie and Meredith, excluding Caroline because of the distance that has grown between them. The series progresses because something is intent on destroying Elena’s home of Fell’s Church. As she discovers the hidden world around her, she falls in love. Part of the problem in the story is that fact: Elena doesn’t know who she loves.

Now that we’re all caught up, for  my opinion of the story: I enjoy it immensely. The determination of Elena and her friends to protect their town from whatever has ill intent for it is admirable, and incredibly brave. I also like the characterization of the figures represented in the book. Elena must grow up from a materialistic homecoming queen to a fierce guardian of her town. Meredith, the brave friend, and Bonnie, the fearful psychic, as well as their football playing friend Matt, have also become entangled in the Power within their town. Stefan and Damon are complete foils of each other, and I feel as though I am in sync with the characters whether they are concerned, sad, irked, or just plain angry at one another. I also enjoy the way the author begins the series with Elena’s diary and then continues to incorporate some of it the rest of the book.

This is all my opinion. Go out and read the book and give me yours!

Love in books,
Yours truly!



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