Poem Number One

Okay, so this is a poem written right after one of the scariest moments of my life. I gave it to my English teacher, and she said that she loved it, and not to change anything. Keep in mind everything in this is real – it happened. None of this is elaboration or writer’s liberty or whatever. It is simply when went through my head in a poetic format.

Red Dawn

I woke with scream.
Not mine.
The banging on the door –
The anger and hurt,
            And pain
In that voice.

I flew out of bed to add to the screams,
But was stopped not my brother, but by the sight.

Red, red –
Streaming, dripping, frightening –

The white was a good sign, though it was soaked through.
My anger was halted, replaced by mirroring the drops on his face –
            Not sadness, but fright, worry.
His eyes were twins, shining and overflowing every time he squeezed out a tear.

Control wasn’t hard –
I did what I had to to keep him quiet –
Comfort, anger, a hug.

I ignored everything my mind was telling me –
            SHOCK – don’t do anything
And dialed. I could hold on to the control.
At least until they arrived.
At least until they arrived.
At least until they arrived.

My mouth was moving –
What was I telling him?
His tears, the wound, the glass everywhere,
Was finally breaking through my defenses.
My cold, calculating part was allowing the tears to flow.
I wasn’t thinking about arteries, pressure –
I was thinking.
            Help. I need help.
            I need my mom, my dad.

And then they were there.
And I could cry.

That’s it! I hope you got to see into my brain there a little, and that this wasn’t too horrible to your eyes – I’m sure my English teacher missed something or other that could be revised, but for now, this is how it is.

I can’t wait to hear from you, so shower me with comments, likes, dislikes, and other critiques!!!

Of course,
Yours Truly


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