I Know, I Know – I’m a Horrible Blogger!

          Okay, so get your yelling at me done now – I haven’t posted in forever! Now you’ve gotten that out, in my defense, I’ve been very busy. Unfortunately, that busyness had nothing to do with books – I mourn that more than you know. However, I have read two books recently, one that I just finished today. The first one is Of Mice and Men, written by the classic writer John Steinbeck (who is, coincidentally, also the author of The Grapes of Wrath, which I would also like to read). This book is about two men traveling together in order to get work on ranches. They are trying to save up for their own property.

          The really touching part of this story is the characterization of the people. George is gruff and stern, and Lennie is mentally disabled, but they are close enough to be brothers. Curley’s meanness and Slim’s sympathy to the hardships of their fellow workers give a lot of depth to the book that I didn’t expect to get from a book published in the early 1900’s – no, I’m not discriminatory, I just don’t usually like older books, mostly because of some of the language used. However, this was very good. Given the choice, I would’ve rewritten the ending, just because it made me cry. Although the ending was short, it was not anticlimatic by any means. So, not my favorite book, but not at the bottom of the list either!

          The other book, the one that I finished today, was an ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) of the soon-to-be-released Eona! I WAS SO EXCITED TO READ THIS BOOK!! And I wasn’t disappointed. The romance, intrigue, suspense, and betrayal threaded through the entire plot – which began on page one and didn’t end until 635 – I was completely enthralled with each and every word and then wanted more at the end (there definitely needs to another book – fanfiction anyone, ‘cuz I don’t think anyone’s writing another UNFORTUNATELY)!

          For anyone who has enjoyed the thrills and horrors of the first book – admit it, it was a little gruesome at the end – this book most definitely usurps the first in every way imaginable. Granted, it’s been awhile since I read Eon, but I don’t think that I’m exaggerating when I say that the sequel is AMAZING!! The fight to reinstate Kygo as emperor as Eona attempts to embrace her newly revealed womanhood and her struggle to master her dragon powers is not just a fight for imperial rights – it is also a fight between trust and deception.

          Yeah, I’m rereading this, and I just realized that I might just be the worst blogger ever, if only because I hardly ever find a bad book. Or does that make me a good blogger? Haha I’m just babbling now, but seriously, these two are VERY good! And any tips on the blogging, let me know!

All yours,


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