Well, I’ve been REALLY busy with school lately, but I get out in about three weeks – end of finals!! So obviously, I’ve been doing last-minute projects (read: three research papers) that will take me until next week, so I apologize in advance for all these weeks that I haven’t posted…. But as soon as school is over, I’m hitting the library! I can drive, but with a parent in the car, so as long as they have time to ride with me, I’m going at LEAST once a week. Until then, fellow readers, I must say adieu, farewell to you, and hola to my time-consuming, tiring, battery-on-my-computer-killing research papers…. SAVE ME!!!



This book was very good as well, introducing another set of fantastic characters – literally. Some grow wings, others are vampires, and werewolves are involved, and yet this book captured my attention from the very start. A shapeshifter, half pooka, is forced to keep her identity a secret so as not to be discriminated against. Meanwhile, a serial killer is on the loose, hunting those like her; her Christian boyfriend hates Others, yet doesn’t know she is one; and her best friend is dating possibly the most dangerous other: a werewolf. Although there are vamps and wolves in the story, they aren’t the main characters, and just because they’re overused doesn’t mean that they can’t be used ever again.

Gwen and her new kitsune friend were amazingly developed. The tension as the murders increase in number clearly show in their relationship, and the whole idea of having someone know a secret about you that you haven’t told them was very appealing in the story. The plot never bored me, and I finished the book in less than a day. Other was intriguing, suspenseful, and slightly romantic – though that, if I had to pick, was probably the worst part about the book. For once, I’d like to read a book with either less romance or romance that didn’t play a key factor in the plot.

One of my favorite things about the book was that it kept me guessing. I thought I knew who the killer was, but then I changed my mind, but I was wrong on both counts. I thought the romantic relationship between Gwen and Zack would go somewhere else, but he ended up being a stupid boy with his brain between his legs. I was’t sure about the kitsune until Gwen got to know him better, and was glad that she did. So tell me what you think of this, and tell me what books you guys have read recently that you would recommend! I’d love to hear about them and read them!

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If My Dad Was Ever Like This, I’d Die.

When Ashlyn was 5, her nanny kidnapped her. Now, it seems as though her dad has done the same. He says he’s protecting her, hiring a bodyguard to watch her almost 24/7. She’s not allowed out of the house without a parent or bodyguard. Now Colin is guarding her – once a childhood nemesis, have they changed, making that a part of the past? Ashlyn’s 17 year old hormones think so.

Overprotected is about a girl with a VERY dysfunctional family. Her father is a very successful lawyer, who only refers to her as “Princess.” Her mother is a fashionista at the height of the social scene. The marital relationship is non-existant – they sleep in separate rooms, not even separate beds like in old-fashioned movies/TV shows like “I Love Lucy.” Ashlyn’s piano skills are all that keep her from going mad in her caged life, but she still loves her parents, which I admire. Her innocence is very real, but as she learns more about the truth of her situation, mostly by falling in love, her rebellion is determined to succeed, and as I was pulled along for the ride, I noticed how her innocence wasn’t lost by falling in love. I also noticed that the basis for her eye-opening discovery was because she fell in love, so even though most of the story was based on that part of her life, she also expressed herself through her music and her actions; it wasn’t JUST a love story.

Although it was a very good book, I’m not going to say it was phenomonal. I think that if there was a second book following Ashlyn into college, I would read it in a heartbeat, but I don’t think there’s going to be too much fan fiction on this one, folks.

Waiting for the perfect book for next time,
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Werewolves (No Vampires Mentioned)

Calla Tor has always known her destiny: After graduating from the Mountain School, she’ll be the mate of sexy alpha wolf Ren Laroche and fight with him, side by side, ruling their pack and guarding sacred sites for the Keepers. But when she violates her masters’ laws by saving a beautiful human boy out for a hike, Calla begins to question her fate, her existence, and the very essence of the world she has known. By following her heart, she might lose everything – including her own life. Is forbidden love worth the ultimate sacrifice?

Nightshade is the first book in a series that I finished yesterday. Andrea Cremer brought the romance and bloodlust to life as Calla struggles with her feelings and her duty, and whether or not her duty is the what she always thought it was. I loved the character and how I’m privy to her every thought and emotion. Most books that I have read that were written in the first person were very revealing, but this character in particular I felt as though I really understood her. She made her decisions, and I admired her for them, no matter what I would have done in her place.

The pack culture was really interesting too. I liked the protectiveness of the alphas of their packs, and I also liked the bonds between the pack members. There were a couple characters, like Sabine, that I think Cremer left alone too much, but she did a very good job developing the characters. The ending, though, was by far my favorite part. The pack ties to Calla are tested, Calla’s friendships and loves are fraught with emotion, and it left me searching the back of the book for the sequel, or at least a hint – which, I suppose, is what the last chapter was meant to be, but still! I can’t wait to read the next book.

(these are the berries from the Hunger Games, if I recall correctly :P)

Happy reading!
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Triangular Feelings?

We all know that in almost every book that has a romance in it, there’s a love triangle. And we all know that it’s SO hard to choose between the two, whether you’re the main character or just a reader. However, no matter how many times you or the character go back and forth (painfully, I might add), one boy always wins out. i have made compromises with the main characters: which boy they don’t end up with, I either get to rewrite the ending or I end up with them in my fantasy world. 😛 These are some of the most hotly contested matches that readers everywhere debate without fail:
**There may be some spoilers, but nothing of the plot other than “something happens between them” will be mentioned

The Hunger Games:



Clockwork Angel:

I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You:

Twilight Saga:

The Mortal Instruments:

The Summer I Turned Pretty Series:

The Vampire Diaries:

Also, The Luxe series has several love triangles, and squares, and possibly octagons (it’s been awhile), but that’s just too complicated ;P I’ll stick with these for now, and possibly dedicate a post in the not-so-distant future for that.
These are just ones that I could think of off the top of my head – I don’t own all the books I’ve ever read (unfortunately) but in these, the guy that I put last is the one that I side with (with the exception of Twilight – didn’t really like either – and Matched – I’m still undecided!!) If you guys have any other love triangles, or just messed up love lives (ex. The Mediator – in which a girl falls in love with a ghost) let me know! I’d love to put them up. And let me know which guys you all loved!

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Okay, so I HATE!!! repeat, HATE!!!!!!!!! when authors don’t have the sequel to a really good book out when I finish the first. What was that? The world doesn’t revolve around me? Yeah, I know. So? It’s sooooo inconvienient!

You’re probably wondering which book this happened with for me to have such a strong reaction – that would be Cassandra Clare’s prequel series to the Mortal Instruments – The Infernal Devices. Yes, you read that right, it’s not a typo – infernal. Who uses that word these days? I’ll tell you: Cassandra Clare. But anyway.

So the first book in this series is called Clockwork Angel. It is about Tessa Gray, a warlock who knows nothing about the Shadow World, who can shape-shift and actually become another person. She goes to London after her aunt dies because her brother sent for her, but she is kidnapped before she can see him. She is forced into the Shadow World, and along the way meets some interesting characters, who you may recognize from the Mortal Instruments series such as Will Herondale and Benedict Lightwood (at least the last name should sound familiar!). As Tessa is discovering the truth about who she is, who her parents were, and who her brother has become, Clare weaves a plot of deception, romance,mechanics, and confusion for the reader as you misread characters and are brought along for an exciting turn of events in every chapter.

My favorite part of the book is the contrast between two of the characters – James (Jem) Carstairs and Will Herondale. These two are accurately described at one point in the book as a “White Knight” and a “Black Knight.” Jem is open and caring, even though he has his secrets, and Will is openly dishonest and closed off emotionally – yes, I realize that “openly dishonest” is an oxymoron – but so is Will. Although Tessa’s romantic feelings are torn in the middle of the book, in the next to last chapter, her decision (as well as my own) was made. But then there was an epilogue. And that, readers, was what made me want the next book so badly. There’s nothing worse (but at the same time better) than an epilogue that does nothing but give you a cliff hanger, so that you torturously wait for the next book that doesn’t come out for another two years! But that’s besides the point, I know.

S0 obviously, I’m recommending this book, especially if you read and enjoyed (or even if you didn’t enjoy – which I don’t see how that’s possible, but everyone has their own taste I suppose) The Mortal Instruments series. 😀

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Love stories

So most YA fiction these days are romances, or at least have romance in them. The most popular ones have adventure in them too, but can a book be about simple, everyday life, and a teenager’s crush without it being interrupted by some wierd fiasco in which the girl is told that she actually has supernatural powers by a cute boy who is not her original crush but ends up being the apple of her eye? Absolutely! I just read one called Falling In Love With English Boys. It is actually just about a blogger who has a crush on a cute Brit and whose mom is researching a woman who just happens to be said boy’s great-great-etc.-anscestor.

I liked mostly the format of this book. It was written in the form and point-of-view of a blog from the present-day girl and a diary format of the 1900’s girl. I liked how the stories intersected, and how even though the girl wanted nothing to do with her crush’s anscestor, she had a lot in common with her, starting with her name – Catherine and Katherine. I’m going to be different today, though, and not end by saying that IT WAS SUCH A GREAT BOOK AND YOU MUST GO READ IT NOW!!!! I’m going to say that if you like realistic fiction and romance, I highly recommend it, and I’m going to leave it up to you to tell me whether or not you liked it!

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