Love stories

So most YA fiction these days are romances, or at least have romance in them. The most popular ones have adventure in them too, but can a book be about simple, everyday life, and a teenager’s crush without it being interrupted by some wierd fiasco in which the girl is told that she actually has supernatural powers by a cute boy who is not her original crush but ends up being the apple of her eye? Absolutely! I just read one called Falling In Love With English Boys. It is actually just about a blogger who has a crush on a cute Brit and whose mom is researching a woman who just happens to be said boy’s great-great-etc.-anscestor.

I liked mostly the format of this book. It was written in the form and point-of-view of a blog from the present-day girl and a diary format of the 1900’s girl. I liked how the stories intersected, and how even though the girl wanted nothing to do with her crush’s anscestor, she had a lot in common with her, starting with her name – Catherine and Katherine. I’m going to be different today, though, and not end by saying that IT WAS SUCH A GREAT BOOK AND YOU MUST GO READ IT NOW!!!! I’m going to say that if you like realistic fiction and romance, I highly recommend it, and I’m going to leave it up to you to tell me whether or not you liked it!

Yours Truly



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