Triangular Feelings?

We all know that in almost every book that has a romance in it, there’s a love triangle. And we all know that it’s SO hard to choose between the two, whether you’re the main character or just a reader. However, no matter how many times you or the character go back and forth (painfully, I might add), one boy always wins out. i have made compromises with the main characters: which boy they don’t end up with, I either get to rewrite the ending or I end up with them in my fantasy world. ūüėõ These are some of the most hotly contested matches that readers everywhere debate without fail:
**There may be some spoilers, but nothing of the plot other than “something happens between them” will be mentioned

The Hunger Games:



Clockwork Angel:

I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You:

Twilight Saga:

The Mortal Instruments:

The Summer I Turned Pretty Series:

The Vampire Diaries:

Also, The Luxe series has several love triangles, and squares, and possibly octagons (it’s been awhile), but that’s just too complicated ;P I’ll stick with these for now, and possibly dedicate a post in the not-so-distant future for that.
These are just ones that I could think of off the top of my head – I don’t own all the books I’ve ever read (unfortunately) but in these, the guy that I put last is the one that I side with (with the exception of Twilight – didn’t really like either – and Matched – I’m still undecided!!) If you guys have any other love triangles, or just messed¬†up love lives (ex. The¬†Mediator – in which¬†a girl falls in love¬†with a ghost)¬†let me know! I’d love to put them up. And let me know which guys you all loved!

Yours Truly



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