If My Dad Was Ever Like This, I’d Die.

When Ashlyn was 5, her nanny kidnapped her. Now, it seems as though her dad has done the same. He says he’s protecting her, hiring a bodyguard to watch her almost 24/7. She’s not allowed out of the house without a parent or bodyguard. Now Colin is guarding her – once a childhood nemesis, have they changed, making that a part of the past? Ashlyn’s 17 year old hormones think so.

Overprotected is about a girl with a VERY dysfunctional family. Her father is a very successful lawyer, who only refers to her as “Princess.” Her mother is a fashionista at the height of the social scene. The marital relationship is non-existant – they sleep in separate rooms, not even separate beds like in old-fashioned movies/TV shows like “I Love Lucy.” Ashlyn’s piano skills are all that keep her from going mad in her caged life, but she still loves her parents, which I admire. Her innocence is very real, but as she learns more about the truth of her situation, mostly by falling in love, her rebellion is determined to succeed, and as I was pulled along for the ride, I noticed how her innocence wasn’t lost by falling in love. I also noticed that the basis for her eye-opening discovery was because she fell in love, so even though most of the story was based on that part of her life, she also expressed herself through her music and her actions; it wasn’t JUST a love story.

Although it was a very good book, I’m not going to say it was phenomonal. I think that if there was a second book following Ashlyn into college, I would read it in a heartbeat, but I don’t think there’s going to be too much fan fiction on this one, folks.

Waiting for the perfect book for next time,
Yours Truly



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