This book was very good as well, introducing another set of fantastic characters – literally. Some grow wings, others are vampires, and werewolves are involved, and yet this book captured my attention from the very start. A shapeshifter, half pooka, is forced to keep her identity a secret so as not to be discriminated against. Meanwhile, a serial killer is on the loose, hunting those like her; her Christian boyfriend hates Others, yet doesn’t know she is one; and her best friend is dating possibly the most dangerous other: a werewolf. Although there are vamps and wolves in the story, they aren’t the main characters, and just because they’re overused doesn’t mean that they can’t be used ever again.

Gwen and her new kitsune friend were amazingly developed. The tension as the murders increase in number clearly show in their relationship, and the whole idea of having someone know a secret about you that you haven’t told them was very appealing in the story. The plot never bored me, and I finished the book in less than a day. Other was intriguing, suspenseful, and slightly romantic – though that, if I had to pick, was probably the worst part about the book. For once, I’d like to read a book with either less romance or romance that didn’t play a key factor in the plot.

One of my favorite things about the book was that it kept me guessing. I thought I knew who the killer was, but then I changed my mind, but I was wrong on both counts. I thought the romantic relationship between Gwen and Zack would go somewhere else, but he ended up being a stupid boy with his brain between his legs. I was’t sure about the kitsune until Gwen got to know him better, and was glad that she did. So tell me what you think of this, and tell me what books you guys have read recently that you would recommend! I’d love to hear about them and read them!

Yours Truly



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