It Feeds Your Brain… DA DA DUUUMMMMM!!

So I read Feed the other day, and was very flabbergasted. It was not meg awesome, like I sort of hoped it would be at first, but rather a bit boring. The basis of the story, well, the entire story is really all over the place. The language of this futuristic society where the rich live on other planets and, from what I could gather, the poor live under the Earth’s ground, is very confusing, using words like “meg” and “mal” instead of normal English as in “very” and “drunk.”

From what I read, though, Titus, the main character, begins to date a girl named Violet at a party in which they are all hacked. Not their computers, but they are hacked. Their feeds, basically computers inside their head, are infected and control their words for a brief period until the police show up and they are temporarily put in an asylum-type place until their feeds are disinfected. However, Violet’s never is completely back to normal. Eventually, her feed causes her limbs to stop working for short times, and eventually, well, altogether.

The problems I had with the book were that 1. the plot was not easy to follow at all; 2. I spent too much time focusing on what the people were saying instead of on what was going on, but even if I had been completely absorbed by the story, it still was very jumpy; 3. the transitions and flow was non-existant in this book; and 4. there was little to no characterization of the people. I definitely would not read this book again – it was not my type of genre anyway, sort of a bad sci-fi book. The good sci-fi, like Star Wars books, I enjoy, but this one I would not recommend for anyone looking for a good read.

Looking for Another Book,
and Studying for Finals,
Yours Truly


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