The Boy Who Lived!!!

Harry Potter is probably the most famous series in America, if only because it is made of seven novels and eight movies! Although I admit that The Hunger Games trilogy is stealing a lot of its thunder because it is new, while Harry Potter is winding down with this last movie release on July 15th, I am still SO excited! I read the first book in elementary school and read the rest as soon as they came out. I pre-ordered my seventh book and read it on the way home from camp and through a family reunion (Thank you J.K. Rowling) ;P. By the end of the reunion, I was devastated. It was over. But I still had the last two movies to look forward to (they hadn’t yet decided that part 7 would be split in two). So now it’s time! Watch the trailer below to watch the journey from first years to witches and wizards!

Absolutely love! And even though I have some issues with the producers and screenwriters and directors about the jumping off the castle tower (I mean really, when does that ever happen in the book?), but other than that, it looks amazing!

Waiting with bated breath (not really – I’m screaming and jumping up and down),
Yours Truly

P.S. Weren’t they cute when they were little?!



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