Library Run!!

YES!!! I finally went to the library, because other than my two summer reading books, I literally have a list of about 150 books to read this summer. No, I am not joking; yes, I will probably read them all. 😛 Don’t worry – I will post them all here as I get them! So today I got The Emerald Flame from the Warrior Princess series, Elixir by Hillary Duff (not sure if I’m going to like it or not, but oh well), and Tempest Rising, which I’ve read so many reviews about I just HAD to get it ASAP.


The library run was today, so I made my mom drive everywhere we went so that I could read in the car. (By the way, the rain was INTENSE where I am). And I finished The Emerald Flame about 5 minutes ago. I must say, I read the first two books in the series a while ago, but even so, I was swept right back into the story. The mystery and betrayal, the instinctual love of the characters, and especially the plot intrigued me. Many books follow the same plot, especially in teen/young adult books – normal girl/boy finds out they’re special, they go on a quest, change on the quest that they complete successfully, and usually fall in love. And yes, this book does contain some of that, but the characterization and dialogue and description makes the fact that it isn’t the MOST original book you’ve ever read irrelevant because you love everything about it. It doesn’t matter that the book you read last night was similar – this one is better written. I always believe that a well-written book is more captivating than one that was written poorly, perhaps that started out a great, original, creative idea and simply flopped as a good read.

Authors should keep readers on their toes though, and Frewin Jones did exactly that. Despite the lack of originality of the plot’s outlines, the meat of the story was very much varied. I didn’t know exactly who some of the characters were; I didn’t who what was going to happen. He kept the betrayal fresh, as though the reader was the one being turned against. You don’t know the who or the why or the how, and the ending was especially surprising. I loved this book, and the series was exceptional. I believe that I’m a little old for this book; however, not by much, and I still enjoyed it. Readers ages 13 to 15 will like this series the best, though I’m looking forward to the release of the fourth book (that’s not being published in America, apparently D:) Once I start a series, I stick with it!

Yours Truly



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