Spines and Bindings?

There are so many ways to read a book nowadays – Kindles, Nooks, NookColors, other eBooks, online – plus the usual hardcover/paperback books that you physically hold and handle, with bindings and real pages. My question for you is what do you prefer? Will you read an eBook? Or do you only read bound books?

I have a NookColor, and I do like what it does. I think it depends on the book and the author, how it’s written. I think that the devices are really cool and useful, but you know what? Nothing beats a good, hand-held, bound book. I like hardcovers better than soft, if only because it protects the book better and shows less wear. However, softcovers are cheaper and I still like them almost as much as hardcover, so I own more of them. Leave your comments; I can’t wait to hear what you think!

~Yours Truly


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