Russian Fiction

I just realized that the book I finished reading was written by the author of a book I’ve wanted to read for a long, long time – The Musician’s Daughter. However, I still can’t find it, and so here’s my review of Anastasia’s Secret instead.

For Anastasia Romanova, life as the privileged daughter of Russia’s last tsar is about to be torn apart by the bloodshed of revolution. Ousted from the imperial palace when the Bolsheviks seize control of the government, Anastasia and her family are exiled to Siberia. Yet even while the rebels debate the family’s future with agonizing slowness, and while the threat to their lives grows more menacing, romance quietly blooms between Anastasia and Sasha, a sympathetic young guard she has known since childhood. But will the strength of a lobe that exists in secret be enough to save Anastasia from a tragic fate?
Inspired by the mysteries that have long surrounded the last days of the Romanov family, Susanne Dunlap’s new novel is a haunting vision of the life – and imagined love story – of Russia’s last princess.

This book is historical fiction, and is best if you don’t know what happened to the Romanovs in real history. Unlike some historical fiction, it does not truly twist the events of history. Instead, it adds a little bit here or there, and supplied dialogue for the story. This story was okay – it was written very well, but Dunlap didn’t really get to the good part. She didn’t change history in her book; it is basically an account of Anastasia’s life from a first person point of view with an added romance and made up words.

Also, I didn’t feel a real sense of urgency in the book. Everyone was too naive, no one except Sasha was truly knowledgeable of the social life and politics of Russia, making the book and its characters seem childish, maybe even especially, the adults. So, it was okay. But I had been expecting more out of it – the entire book was like flat soda – blah. There was no climax, no really exciting parts. The highlights were the secret outings with Sasha, which could have led to some other exciting things but never did.

If you have a different opinion on the book, let me know!
Yours Truly



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