Magic or Girl?

I finished the sequel to Undine, Breathe. I really wasn’t sure how to describe my feelings for this book, but I’ll try.

Six months have passed since Undine discovered the powerful magic within her and very nearly threw the entire world into chaos. Life has gone back to normal – almost. The magic still swirls relentlessly below her surface, demanding that she break her promise not to use it.
And then there’s Trout. Trout, with his messy, unrequited love for Undine. Trout, who can’t sleep and who roams the streets at night instead. Trout, so desperate to learn about Undine’s magic that he’s willing to trust a mysterious young woman who knows an awful lot about him, about Undine, and about chaos theory.
As their lives continue to both unravel and coalesce, Undine and Trout feel drawn back to the Bay, where it all began.
Is Undine stronger than the magic she contains? Is she more girl than magic, or more magic than girl?

First of all, I think part of the reason I didn’t like this book was that a lot of things seemed random. I felt not as though it was blended together, but that the writing was disjointed, sort of broken, and the pieces of the puzzle didn’t fit together quite right. The other reason was that the whole point of this book was supposed to answer the question asked through out it, starting with the jacket cover: Is Undine more girl than magic, or vise versa – but it didn’t. The end left you hanging, but not with a good cliff hanger; more with like the author chopped the book in half at a random point. It didn’t answer any questions, and honestly I wasn’t even all that interested in finding out what happened next – I was more frustrated that I would have to read another book to find out, even though I’m pretty sure there isn’t another follow up out now, so I’ll forget all about these books until I come across the third one in a couple years.

Sorry, that was a run-on. I just feel as though it could have been better, and that I was expecting better. These two books were okay, but the romantic, the friendships, and the family relationships were not clear and were not resolved in the book. I felt as though the book simply created more of a problem, instead of resolving one. So this was okay, and if you want to read it, fine. But these are not books that I’ll be rereading anytime soon.

Just an FYI: Strange Angels is up next!
~Yours Truly



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