Unknown Magic

Undine by Penni Russon was really good. A lot of it was really intense. Here’s the jacket blurb:

Undine gets along well with her unconventional mother, she adores her baby brother, and she has a devoted kindred spirit in her best friend and next-door neighbor, Trout. It’s inconvenient that Trout has a sloppy crush on her, but Undine tries to overlook this. Undine is bsaically satisfied …. until strange things begin happening to her.
It starts with an odd feeling, a shadow in the mirror, a whisper only Undine can hear:
It’s time to come home. And it builds. One hot day, when Undine imagines knitting together a few scattered clouds, she creates a massive thunderstorm.
Who is Undine? Where does her power come from? What is she meant to do? Undine needs answers to these question, so she sets off in search of a father she’d always believed was dead and a self she’s only beginnning to discover. But Undine’s magic is powerful, wild, and dangerous – and her feelings as she uncovers the truth are even fiercer. WIll Undine find herself or lose herself … and everyone she loves?

Undine was an extremely interesting character. She was almost normal – except for, you know, having an unbelievable power that she wasn’t aware of and practically no control over. It was an entertaining story; however, I thought some of it went too fast. It almost seemed that the book blended together into a rush; this happened and then this happened and then it was over. I thought more detail could have been put into certain passages to make the book go slower. This being said, Russon managed very well to characterize her people. I like Trout very much, especially as a love interest (even though Undine isn’t thinking of him like that)! But that’s okay – Trout can be mine!

Undine’s unusual affinity to the sea was very intriguing. Her reaction, and the reaction of her magic to the sea, was peculiar and made for a very interesting ending. I am also looking forward to the sequel, Breathe. That is coming up next!
~Yours Truly



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