Another Bloody Jack

I feel like singing because I finished the seventh Jacky Faber novel. No, I still have not read the first, second, or fourth, but I have read the rest and can’t wait to find out what the eighth one will be about!! Rapture of the Deep most definitely lived up to my expectations of Jacky Faber and her friends.

On the very day that Jacky Faber is to wed her true love, Jaimy, she is kidnapped by British Naval Intelligence and forced to embark on yet another daring mission for the Crown – this time to search for sunken Spanish gold.
Jacky, an expert swimmer, is enlisted to fill British coffers by diving to the ocean floor in a newly invented contraption. Disguised as Americans on a scientific mission, Jacky and her mates find more than they have bargained for in the warm waters off Havana: rollicking adventure, dangerous skirmishes with pirates and a Spanish warship, and treasure beyond their wildest dreams.
Jacky Faber has survived roaring battles on the high seas, the stifling propriety of a Boston finishing school, and even confinement in a dank French prison. But no adventure has quite matched her opportunistic street-urchin desires – until now.

L.A. Meyer never ceases to capture me with tales of Jacky’s adventures. The obstacles that she unwillingly faces, the ingeniousness and resourcefulness of her solutions to her predicaments, and the way she always manages to come out on top is simply amazing, and never unrealistic. It is cleverness and wit, friends and intelligence, not necessarily luck, that get Jacky out of sticky situations. I laugh and cry with Jacky through her adventures, and truly feel as though I am standing on the quarterdeck of her ship whenever I read about her. This book was also one of my favorites, as all of the Bloody Jack novels manage to be.

The book is filled with emotions and feelings and twists and turns that no one could predict; and for that I love it. I love the surprise, I love the fear for the characters. I love how even though I know Jacky will succeed, I have no idea how she will manage it. All in all, this book, along with the rest of the series, is AMAZING, and I recommend it for anyone looking for an entertaining, easy read, from ages 13 and up (depending on maturity – woe be to me if I judge someone I don’t know on age).

Yours Truly



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