I’m Speechless.

I JUST FOUND OUT (literally about three weeks ago) THAT THE HEARTLAND BOOKS WERE MADE INTO A CANADIAN TV SERIES!!!!! So, naturally I remembered the books and was dying to see the series. Unfortunately, you can only watch it in Canada – it never aired in the US, even though the author of the books lives in England and wrote the books set in Virginia. HOWEVER, I found them on youtube and on other sites online and watched them, and I FREAKING LOVED IT!!! My parents hated me because I was so obsessed. I watched all four seasons, so about 50 episodes (give or take), plus the Heartland Christmas movie. It was amazing!

But then I realized that I had nothing to base it on. I hadn’t read the Heartland books that I had in, well, lets just say a really long time. So this morning I got out the four that I have and read the third and fourth books and I must say: It just doesn’t compare. The TV show is more of a drama, and for a wider-ranged audience. The books were for preteen girls who wanted to read about horses – it just doesn’t cut it for  me anymore. I realized how many changes the TV series made to the storyline, and honestly, I DIDN’T MIND! And trust me, I ALWAYS mind. I actually liked the changes, and am soooo happy that they did. Instead of putting on another “The Saddle Club” series for preteens, it presents a storyline full of drama and romance, happiness, confusion, and tears. It really makes you involved in the characters’ lives, and I honestly can’t wait until season five comes out in September and I can find them online.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of the series:

Heartland Cast

Amy, Ty, and Spartan

Jack and Lisa

Peter, Lou, and Max

Jack and Amy

Ashley and Caleb

Just had to post about this – still haven’t finished my summer reading book. Can’t actually find my summer reading book. I’ll get to it sooner or later….
~Yours Truly



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