Okay, so update: My computer crashed two weeks or so ago, so I have a few reviews to catch up on. There are three or four that I have to post, and they’ll be out ASAP. I did finish my summer reading, about the time my computer crashed, and I haven’t had access to a computer since. Also, what with Hurricane Irene and all, I have been kept pretty busy by my family and other necessary life functions such as driving, sports, etc. that are pretty much built into my schedule. So, I’ll do my best to get those reviews out to you quickly.

My list of books has also grown, so as soon as I get these reviews out to you, I’ll get my butt over to that thing called…. what was it? Oh, yes, a library, and shorten my list and hopefully lengthen yours!

Loving life as best as it allows me to,
~Yours Truly



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