Class Dis-Mythed

I think the title speaks for itself. Robert Asprin and Jody Lynn Nye put together a wonderful MG read when they collaborated on Class Dis-Mythed.

After years as a court magician and inter-dimensional hero, Skeeve needed a rest. So he took some time off to study magik and relax…
A few months later three young female Pervect students show up with a note from Aahz requesting that Skeeve take them on as students and give them a ‘practical education.’ Then Massha sent him a friend of hers and Guido’s to tutor, then Chumley sent someone, Markie sent her nephew, and beforew he knew it Skeeve’s sabbatical had turned into a teaching job. After the assassins attack, and unarmed bomb goes off, and a Manticore tries to eat them, the Khlad mage begins to believe that there is more going on than just a group of students wanting to learn magic.
There is!
Unknown to him, his students are preparing for a very deadly magical competition and you won’t believe where. Worse yet, it looks like the fix is in and not to the benefit of his students. Soon Skeeve learns the only way to save his students’ lives is for him to risk his own.

I did enjoy this book, but it was definitely a bit lower lever than MG in writing style. The material, however, is dead on for this age group. Anyone, but mostly boys, could enter into a magical, action-packed learning environment and enjoy a good book, especially reluctant readers. The characters are funny and put together create a hectic world for Skeeve to live in during his “vacation.” Skeeve himself is quite a character, naive and yet skilled at the same time. The entire book was an interesting combination for anyone to read, but it is perfect (or should I say Pervect? The names in this book are very fun to pronouce. Go ahead and try these: Freezia, Pologne, Tolk, Tananda) for middle school class rooms. The cover was also very appropriate, both for the level of reading and the content of the story. If is makes you scratch your head and wonder, “What on earth?” then it’s probably not a bad idea to read it. It probably won’t be your favorite story, but it’ll definitely entertain you. I have to keep an eye out for the rest of the books about these characters, including The Myth Adventures of Aahz and Skeeve.

~Yours Truly



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