Fairy Bad Day

Title: Fairy Bad Day
Author: Amanda Ashby
Publisher: Penguin
Release Date: June 9, 2011

First, my rightful designation of dragon slayer is STOLEN right out from under my nose by Curtis Green. Sure, he’s really cute, but that doesn’t give him an excuse.
On top of that, I am assigned to slay fairies. I know what you’re thinking – how hard could it be, right? Wrong! These menacing beasts with their tiny hipster clothes and mocking sarcasm love taunting me. And they won’t STOP!
But the thing that tops my list of stuff to ruin my day? That would be the GIANT KILLER FAIRY that I have to hunt down and slay because I am the only one who can see it. There
is someone who can help me. Unfortunately … it’s Curtis. It’s going to be a fairy bad day.

Now, yes, I know the title might be a little cheesy, but I that doesn’t mean it didn’t make me laugh. The cover was the first thing that caught my eye, and I loved it. I mean, a girl in high heels holding a sword? Plus the fairy wings under the sword? I just knew that not only would I enjoy the action and the main character, but that I would be laughing throughout the book, and that’s what made me pick up the book – I knew it would be a book I would enjoy.

The voice of Emma Jones really came through. She was a typical sophomore – at a school that trains its students to hunt demons. I loved her attitude, her confidence, and her anger, especially because it felt as though I was rioting along with her. The characters she hated, I despised. But her best friends I found endearing, even when Emma was a little fed up with them. I was so in sync with the characters, and I loved trying to figure out what was going on with the giant fairy along with the rest of them.

My favorite part of the book was definitely Emma’s best friend, Loni. She argues with Tyler constantly, and their snide comments made me laugh every time. She’s a bit of a tech geek, which I loved about her, but especially her enthusiasm about anything that she loved. Her insight into Emma’s romantic life was hysterical, especially since those particular questions usually came right after Emma has fought with a fairy. With Loni around, it’s hard to remember the seriousness of the conflict in the book, which just makes the action-filled parts even more exciting.

Because I read this book, I’m definitely putting Ashby’s first book on my TBR list: Zombie Queen of Newbury High. My next review should be Betrayals by Lili St. Crow – keep an eye out!

~Yours Truly



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