Title: Starcrossed (Book 1 in Starcrossed Trilogy)
Author: Josephine Angelini
Publisher: Harper Teen
Release Date: May 31, 2011

Helen Hamilton has always tried to hide how different she is—no easy feat on an island as small as Nantucket, and only getting harder as she finds herself haunted by hallucinations and vivid nightmares.
It’s not until she crosses paths with Lucas Delos at school that Helen’s true heritage is finally revealed. Yet even as Lucas helps her awaken to her startling powers, they can never be together—not unless they can break free from the tragic destiny the Three Fates have in store.

Why is it that the books I love all have sequels? Not only do they all have sequels, but none of the sequels are out yet!! No issue with the authors, here – I think the publishers should wait until all the books in a series are written, then revise the first one and publish it, and then revise the second book and publish that one as soon as it’s done! Don’t you think that would be more satisfying to the reader? Well, maybe not. I do enjoy the wait – it makes the book even sweeter to read. But still!

Clearly, I loved this book. The cover? Gorgeous! On Angelini’s site there are pictures of her foreign covers as well, and all of them are amazing. The ones for the UK and Spain are my favorites (other than the US one). Pretty much everything about this book was great. I loved the characters, the plot, the small and big details – names, traits, backstories, etc. – and it was all written beautifully.

My favorite non-main character is definitely Claire. I love her friendship with Helen. The two girls know each other so well, and while reading the story the depth of the relationship is really revealed through a lot of tests – boys, demigod powers, and being pushed off of rooftops – and from the very first chapter Claire has always had Helen’s back, through her fear of attention and everything.

Lucas and his family were stunning. Angelini created the perfect match for Helen in Lucas, and their dilemma pained me. The rest of the family, too, was perfectly characterized. I loved the different members of the family, the heirarchy of the family, and then the family history. The mythology, combined with the well-written characters, created a story that thrilled and captivated me from the first. I definitely cannot wait for the sequel, Dreamless, to come out next year!!

~Yours Truly



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