Shadows and Fire

Title: Shadows and Fire
Author: Jennifer Fales
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc
Release Date: November 1, 2011

In the parallel future, mankind has created its own worst nightmare – a hybrid species of supernatural beings that demand a high toll in return for peace. Follow the adventure of a tortured man seeking redemption and a brother and sister, the unwilling product of both worlds, torn apart, determined to reunite with one another. And remember that nothing is what it seems under the domes.





This book, though short, was incredible. It claimed me from the very first page with a little background and a bit of history. The story sort of jumped right into itself, and it was great. I loved how the science fiction/fantasy aspect just seemed like pure fantasy, although it took me a little while to understand that the supernaturals were actually animal-human crosses (I was a bit confused when they said that the animals needed human breeders). The only real complaint I have is that the book was so short. I finished it so quickly, and I feel as though even this segment of the story could have been expanded. I loved it either way, and the brevity definitely brought a more unique aspect to the book, but I think a little more expansion could have given the characters even more depth. The backstories that were included were great, but I would have liked a little more.

The ending was great. I loved how it solved mysteries and then gave the reader more questions to brood on until the next book. The twins’ connection, especially at the end, was probably my favorite part, even though it sort of laid everything out there. It’s neat though; imagine if you could solve a mystery by sort of being in two places at once. It’s like a permanent radio connection.

Anyway, special thanks to Jennifer Fales for sending me the copy to review, and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us in the next book!
~Yours Truly



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