Still Waters

Title: Still Waters
Author: Emma Carlson Berne
Publisher: Simon Pulse – Simon & Schuster
Release Date: December 20, 2011
Ebook ARC PulseIt

Some secrets are meant to stay buried.
Hannah can’t wait to sneak off for a romantic weekend with her boyfriend, Colin. He’s leaving for college soon, and Hannah wants their trip to the lake house to be one they’ll never forget.
But once Hannah and Colin get there, things start to seem a bit … off. They can’t find the town on any map. The house they are staying in looks as if someone’s been living there, even though it’s been deserted for years. And Colin doesn’t seem quite himself. As he grows more unstable, Hannah worries about Colin’s dark side, and her own safety. Nothing is as perfect as it seems, and what lies beneath may haunt her forever.

This book was very different. It was a creepy sort of romance thriller, and I’m honestly still not sure if I enjoyed it as much as I could have. Don’t get me wrong – it was well-written, and the romance was good. However, I like my romance with a bit more substance, rather than, oh I don’t know, freaky, mentally unstable people. The thriller bit was good; it’s just not my favorite genre to read.

I thought the characters were well developed, especially Hannah. The confusion and fear she felt was very real, and her difficulty with the concept of saying “I love you” was awfully painful. I wanted to shout at her, “Just say it!” and she was chiding herself with the same words, but she just couldn’t get it out. I enjoyed the romance that was there, and the whole idea of getting away before transitioning into a long-distance relationship? I liked it.

The ending, however, is a different story. For one thing, it was extremely anti-climatic. I mean, there’s thriller/action creepiness and then it’s all over? No way. Plus, then there’s the whole intrigue with Colin’s parents, the long-distance relationship (which I want to see more of because I really liked Hannah and Colin, especially because of the whole painful “I love you” issue), etc. Anyway, I’d recommend the book if you enjoy thrillers, but don’t get you’re hopes up too high – that way you might be pleasantly surprised.

~Yours Truly



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