I know this is sounding redundant, and I’m sorry for that too, but I really am sorry about the lack of posts lately! I’ve been really busy – March is INSANE for juniors in high school, I swear! I’ve barely even been reading, and that’s a little scary. But here’s proof of how busy I’ve been: I forgot my blogoversary. That’s right. My blog turned one on March 31st.

That’s four days ago!! So I promise I’ll try to be better in posting on time, and checking my email so that it doesn’t take up so much of mine (no joke – it took metwo days to completely empty my inbox. I had about a hundred messages to get through). This was me:

And, unfortunately, I’m not hooked up to the computer 24/7 either, so that’s also part of the reason I’ve been MIA. I do have familial responsibilities as well, and homework, and my parents are pretty much forcing me to run errands for them as well now that I have my driver’s license (YAY!). It’s been hectic. And I know I’m saying that a lot. Just please know that I’m sorry, and will now be able to catch up because it’s my SPRING BREAK!!! Yeah, I even got a dress to wear for Easter and everything (and I don’t take wearing dresses lightly). So anyway, enjoy the spring, and I’ll continue to catch up on everything bloggy and otherwise! Thank you!

~Yours Truly



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