The Hunger Games

Hey all! I just thought I’d put up some of my thoughts on The Hunger Games movie! I know it came out awhile ago, and I was so excited. Unfortunately, my review has been, ahem, delayed. I couldn’t see it at midnight, but Idid see it the night after. And I have to say, it was awesome! I honestly can’t believe how well it turned out out. For the most part, it followed the story line of the book – obviously there were a couple things that weren’t exact, and I like the way the book/movie in my head is, but they didn’t screw it up in Hollywood AT ALL.

So, you might be wondering, was there anything wrong with it? And the answer is yes. As much as I enjoyed it, the camera was ridiculous. The entire time, the camera was moving, spinning, flashing. It was like strobe filming. My uncle had to leave the theater twice because of vertigo, and I had a slight headache myself when it was over. There were times, like the tracker jacker scene, where it was appropriate. But other time? It was just annoying. That definitely took away some of the quality for me.

And then there was the acting. I think that every single actor should get an award for their work in the film. In my honest opinion, I believe that Peeta should have died in the arena in the first book. Preferably from loss of blood after he took off the tourniquet, but it didn’t really matter. However, the way the cave scene was acted out, they made me feel GUILTY. Guilty! I almostlikedPeeta! At least, until I saw Gale’s expression. But still, it was really good. I wish that there had been more snark from Katniss, maybe put a couple of her thoughts as speech in the movie, but it was okay that they didn’t. They also did the interview scene with Peeta really well.

Last, but not least, I HOPE THEY GET A MOVE ON FOR THE SECOND MOVIE!!! Hahaha. Seriously, though, I cannot wait! I need to buy my ticket for that midnight showing WAY in advance. But for now, Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds beeverin your favor!

~Yours Truly

**There was about the same amount of violence in the movie as there was in the book. If you have concerns, check the rating.



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