City of Ashes

Title: City of Ashes (Book 2 of The Mortal Instruments)
Author: Cassandra Clare
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books – Simon & Schuster
Release Date: March 24, 2009

A murderer is loose in New York City and the victims are Downworlder children. Clary Fary and her fellow Shadowhunters have a strong suspicion that Valentine, Clary’s father, may be behind the killings. But if he is the murderer, then what’s his true motive? To make matters worse, the second of the Mortal Instrumetns, the Soul-Sword, has been stolen, and the mysterious Inquisitor has arrived to investigate, with her eyes vigilantly targeted on Clary’s brother, Jace.
Clary will need to face some terrifying demons and even more terrifying family decisions.  No one said that the life of a  Shadowhunter would be easy.

There is a lot that goes on in this book. Rereading it was definitely a smart decision on my part – now everything is fresh in my mind for City of Glass. There’s a lot of drama with Jace, Clary, and Simon, especially. That love triangle, and all the forbidden allure that goes with it, just can’t be unread. I felt so terrible for Clary and Jace – I LOVE THEM TOGETHER, but it’s so wrong! And I really wish that Clary and Jace would both find someone else so that they could stop hurting. Clary and Simon really do make a cute couple, but I don’t like watching Simon be hurt either. Plus, with her mom in the hospital, comatose, Clary’s emotional situation is literally steaming; I can’t believe she didn’t break down, even in private somewhere. I know she wanted to.

Then there’s Alec. Oh man, I feel so bad for him, too. His unrequited love sucks, but I’m glad that he does find somebody, and that that somebody loves him. Probably my favorite scene in this book is when Clary draws the Fearless rune for the first time, and Alec volunteers to try it out. I LOVE the reactions of everyone, including Alec, when he wakes up from the Mark. I was laughing hysterically.

The fighting and drama that ensues, with Simon’s – er, – transformation, as well as the final battle of the book, and the addition to Maia as one of Clary’s friends, was all very interesting and captivating to read about. Overall, it was a tense, thrilling story with a conclusion that has you hungering for the next part. Looking forward to rereading the third book!

~Yours Truly

**Note: As much as I love this series, I’d suggest it to teenagers, no one younger.



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