Title: Shadows (Book .5 in Lux)
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Publisher: Entangled Teen – Entangled Publishing
Release date: February 20, 2012

The last thing Dawson Black expected was Bethaney Williams. As a Luxen, an alien life form on Earth, human girls are, well … fun. But since the Luxen have to keep their true identities a secret, falling for one would be insane. Dangerous. Tempting. Undeniable.
Bethaney can’t deny the immediate connection between her and Dawson. And even though boys aren’t a complication she wants, she can’t stay away from him. Still, whenever they lock eyes, she’s drawn in. Captivated. Lured. Loved.
Dawson is keeping a secret that will change her existence … and put her life in jeopardy. But even he can’t stop risking everything for one human girl. Or from a fate that is as unavoidable as love itself.

I went on a book-buying spree with my Nook this weekend, since I had a gift card, and it had a theme: Jennifer Armentrout.

Okay I’m done with that rant. I’m going to try to remember what I had written down, now.

So, I don’t buy books often. Like, maybe twice a year, with gift cards. And I always make sure that I buy the most amount of books for whatever amount I have on my gift cards. So I had a $25 dollar B&N card that I spent – wisely – on Nook copies of: Shadows, Obsidian, Half-Blood, and Pure on Saturday morning. And let me tell you, money well spent!!

So back to the Shadows review. I am so glad that I read this book, especially since I reread Obsidian right after. It really gave a lot more insight into the backstories of Dee and Daemon and the rest of the aliens. It shed light on the rules and beliefs of the Luxen as well gave a ton more information about Dawson. I loved how it was told in Dawson’s third person POV, too. It showed the similarities between Daemon and Dawson really well, in ways other than looks, that it doesn’t seem that Daemon realizes are there, especially since VERY similar events take place in Obsidian. I think that Daemon’s POV in certain scenes would definitely be conflicted because of his whole experience with Dawson and Bethaney.

But Shadows by itself was full of awesomesauce, too! Dawson and Bethaney were too cute! I loved how he felt about her, and the scenes from her POV were sweet. He was protective, caring, and eventually he realized that he loved her, and it wasn’t just lust or anything else. It was also very scary, at some points, because somehow, Bethaney gets herself into more trouble than Katy could, and without involving Arum! I almost died at certain parts because of the vivid grief and fear through the writing. And then the ending? Well, let’s just say that I totally can’t wait for Onyx and the secrets that hopefully unfold!!!!

Before I end the review, I can’t help but also point this out: the cover is smothered with awesomesauce and topped off with some cool beans of epic proportions. I absolutely adore the covers, even though I loved the first edition covers as well!

~Yours Truly

*Note: This book does contain some sexual references and language. Series recommended for ages 14 & up.



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