Just so you all know, due to major school stuff that I have to do (it’s my senior year! AHHH all the paperwork is INSANE!!) i.e. SAT IIs in Spanish and US History, 4 AP classes + homework, a service learning project (that is my class. The service learning project is an entire honors course. I’M FREAKING OUT!), and another honors course, plus volleyball and changes in the drama club and being in NHS and wow I’m basically telling you my college resume. Oh yeah, I’m applying to college! And asking for teacher recommendations and writing non-graded essays to submit to college, and attempting to organize this all, and trying to access the guidance office’s site to do all this. SO I’m really busy. And this week I’m studying for the SAT IIs that I’m taking on Saturday, so until then, I won’t start another book. I really need to study instead D:

Hope you all read a great book this week in my stead. Tell me about it please! I miss books!

~Yours Truly



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