Book Covers

Something has been brought to my attention recently about the books that I read. Apparently, they look like trashy romance novels, according to one of my teachers. And, on second glance, some of them really do. I mean, half-dressed girls, usually either looking like a love-sick puppy or gazing after some guy in the distance, or even kissing him on the cover. Now, I’m not saying that these covers can’t be perfectly innocent. It’s just a little weird to have your teacher point this out to you. Especially when she then says, “Well, you should see what’s on my Nook.” Okay,  a little TMI, right?

Anyway, here are just some examples:

I mean, they’re a little provacative. But that’s the thing – most of them don’t contain explicit content; in fact, they usually don’t get even close to what some of the covers suggest. Do you think it’s a publishing mechansim, since the books are aimed at hormonal teenagers? That’s my theory. What’s yours? I’d love to hear what you think!

2 responses to “Book Covers

  1. They really do, though. When I began reading this post I was waiting for you to say that it was our English Teacher… but it wasn’t. XD

    They definitely do it to attract people to read them. Girls want to look like the girls on the cover. They also want to act/look older than they actually are.

    Great post! I hadn’t thought of this before.

    • Ha! That would have been funny, but nah, it was my Environmental Science teacher.
      Yeah, I didn’t really think about the wanting to look that way, but I guess it’s just like modeling and TV and other commericals and media – it’s the stereotypical “beautiful”. I just thought that it was weird how all of a sudden I noticed that the most beautiful covers usually have either 1. a very pretty model, 2. amazing colors and contrast, 3. provacative looks, or 4. a combination of the above.


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