College Bound

Hey, guys!

I know you don’t read this blog to be updated on my life, but I think I owe you an explanation for the lack of posts this summer, and any future delays until Christmas.

I’M GOING TO COLLEGE!! Yup, I made it! I’m actually moving in to my dorm this Sunday, the 18th, and trying out for the volleyball team. I have a few posts scheduled for the next few days, and I’ll try to space them out for you guys, but don’t expect too much of me the week of the 26th – that’s when my classes start, and I’ll need a couple days to get used to my new schedule. (Yes, I know – you haven’t really been expecting much from me lately, and I’m really. really sorry, I am.)

However, I promise to try a lot harder to read and review more books, and soon. Thank you guys so much for staying with me through my thinning blog posts, and for your continued support. You have no idea how much going to my “Site Stats” encourages me when I see that I’ve has hits every day this week, or one post was really popular, or that one day I got over 40 hits on the site. That’s nothing compared to some of the major book blogs that I follow, but it really means a lot to me, so again, thank you.

Good luck to all you recent high school graduates/new college freshmen! Stay tuned for more posts – there’s something special planned for tomorrow!!

~Yours Truly

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