Eternity Can Wait

Title: Eternity Can Wait
Author: Paula Bell
Publisher: Amazon
Release Date: June 4, 2014

Jilted by her boyfriend and abandoned by her best friend, Jenny’s summer is shaping up to be a complete disaster. Even her college plans have been wrecked by her ex-boyfriend and the blonde cheerleader he dumped her for. Jenny is facing the prospect of not only a miserable summer, but also a long and unexpected gap year alone.
The only thing that gets her off the sofa and out of the house is the thought of visiting her aunt, and meeting up with some old friends out of town.
Jenny’s journey doesn’t run smoothly. With her car abandoned at the roadside in the middle of nowhere, she faces a choice. Does she head back home, or should she take a risk and continue on foot through the notorious woods she’s grown up hearing so many eerie stories about?
A mysterious stranger steps in to help her. When Jenny finds out who, and what he really is, nothing will ever be the same for her again.

I really didn’t enjoy this book. The only positive thing that stood out to me was the possible sense of adventure in the novel, especially when she starts to hike through the woods and comes face to face with a stranger. There was a redeemable moment there, but I think it passed without being noticed.

Before that moment, I didn’t like Jenny at all. She seemed like a whiny girl with no motivation to do anything. She is shallow, obsessed with her boyfriend (ex-boyfriend, I suppose), who didn’t seem like someone to bother with, anyway. She let that get in the way of her going to college, for goodness’s sake. And her mom? Don’t get me started. What kind of parent lets her child waste away on the living room couch for a year after high school graduation? Not only did it seem unrealistic to me, but it seemed pathetic.

It doesn’t get any better, either. Fine, she wants to get away for a summer. But translating her obsession from one guy to another does not a healing process make. She barely waits a day before deciding to up and run away with the guy, allowing her life to revolve around him just like she did with her previous boyfriend, so Jenny clearly doesn’t learn anything. The other characters, the witches, were kind of cool, but there was barely a chapter devoted to them, despite all the mystery that was given to them through the writing.

The plot, as hinted earlier, is just as shoddy as the characters in that there really isn’t one. She leaves over obsessing with one guy by trying to get away from her hometown and then ends up doing the same thing to another guy. That chance for adventure never happened, and perhaps part of my reaction to this is my own fault, because I misinterpreted “nothing will ever be the same for her again” from the synopsis as implying that adventure, but other than their short trip from her car to his house, nothing all that spectacular happens. Nor does that hike through the forest appeal; there were a few moments that could have been something good, but every moment that had potential I feel was either glanced over or minimalized into something insignificant. The entire book only took about 50 pages, another thing that I wasn’t expecting and was disappointed by. Maybe if it was longer it could have been more fleshed out, but as is? Not that great of a story.

~Yours Truly

*Disclaimer: I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. My views on the book are entirely my own and have not been influenced by the author or publisher in any way.