Decision Time

Soooo I haven’t posted in more than a month, and before that, I’ve been pretty sporadic. This is going to sound really cheesy, but I’ve entered into a new stage of my life, and I honestly (and unfortunately) haven’t been reading very much, and the books that I do read have been rereads, some of which I’ve already reviewed on this blog. I have less time than I did when I first started this blog, which is also disappointing. That being said, I am by no means ending my blog – in fact, I’m trying to keep it going. So, even though my posts will continue to be sporadic, they will continue.

Also, I’ve decided to use this blog to share some of my writing, as well; so instead of just book reviews and news, I will be posting bits and pieces of original work as well. It was actually my original intent to do this, but I hadn’t had much to share in the beginning; hopefully I do now.

I also want to thank those of you who continue to follow me and read my posts – I really appreciate all my viewers! So, keep an eye out for this upcoming original work, as well as a review coming up soon!!



I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season so far, and that it continues to the new year! To all the obsessive readers like me, I hope you got those books you asked for, like I did, and I can’t  wait to review the ones I haven’t read yet and to hear from you about yours! In the meantime, Merry Christmas!!

Update: Hurricane Sandy

Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know that due to the hurricane, I have been without power for a week now. Everything has been running off of a generator, so I have had some access to electricity, but my grandparents are staying with me and my family, and their house was flooded. We’ve been gutting the house, throwing almost everything away, working with FEMA and trying to keep my grandparents on their feet. Needless to say, I’ve been busy. Hopefully this doesn’t take too much time away from my “fun” reading. I have finished The Color Purple, so just two more books and then hopefully I’ll be back on track with the blog. Thank you so much for your patience – I hope everyone has stayed safe, and for those who lost homes and property in the hurricane, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

~Yours Truly


For years, I have said that English classes, especially those in elementary school when they split it between “Reading” and “Writing”, should be 45 minutes of just reading. Any book you want, just to be given time to read during the school day.

Well now I’ve got my wish. For my AP English Literature and Composition class, we are being required to read a book during the year on our own – for the first time in any class. Oh, sure, I’ve read books/stories/poems in class, and have had to read chapters for homework. But the goal for this class is to read as many books as possible in the year so that when we take the AP test, we’ll be able to summarize and analyze a random book that fills certain requirements that we won’t know what they are until we take the essay. So now I’m being required to read The Color Purple along with an independent reading novel, of which I’ve chosen Anna Karenina because out of the seven hundred odd pages, I’ve already read about 200.

In addition to those two books, I also have to read a book for my Senior Seminar class, which is a service learning project for the whole year, so my teacher wants to make sure that we have no free time for her class – no time wasted. If you are interested, you can check out my particular project here. Anyway, for that class I’m reading The Last Lecture. Pay back is a *****, haha.

So the reason I’m telling you this is so that you don’t think that I’ve abandoned the blog! Hopefully I can finish these books quickly and get back to reading modern young adult fiction!! Wish me luck!

~Yours Truly


Just so you all know, due to major school stuff that I have to do (it’s my senior year! AHHH all the paperwork is INSANE!!) i.e. SAT IIs in Spanish and US History, 4 AP classes + homework, a service learning project (that is my class. The service learning project is an entire honors course. I’M FREAKING OUT!), and another honors course, plus volleyball and changes in the drama club and being in NHS and wow I’m basically telling you my college resume. Oh yeah, I’m applying to college! And asking for teacher recommendations and writing non-graded essays to submit to college, and attempting to organize this all, and trying to access the guidance office’s site to do all this. SO I’m really busy. And this week I’m studying for the SAT IIs that I’m taking on Saturday, so until then, I won’t start another book. I really need to study instead D:

Hope you all read a great book this week in my stead. Tell me about it please! I miss books!

~Yours Truly

Yet Another Apology

Guys, I’m really sorry for my lack of posting!!! I have a summer job! Both a blessing and a curse. I love the job – I’m a maintenence crew member at a Baptist camp I used to attend. It’s beautiful, and the work is fun; the worst part about the actual job is the heat.

The other part, though, is that I’m exhausted every day – you try working from 8-12 and then from 2-5 in the heat and then working/volunteering after from 7-9. And then there are mandatory activities that I have to go to/participate in, so usually when I have a break (Those gaps above are for meals), it’s usually about a half hour interval. Basically, what I’m trying to say, is that I have not had the time to read. Or post. Or work on my summer assignments, because yes, I have those too! And then, when I finally have time to go online to get something done? BAM! No Internet connection. And then I look like this:

So. That is my explanation for why I have been AWOL. Without further ado, I will go to write a review before the Internet shuts down again!

*Edit* The Internet shut down right as I was about to post this four hours ago… ERG!!!!!

~Yours Truly