Review Policy

Just so everyone knows, and so that it’s on the website, I blog to blog. All my reviews are written by myself, and I have read the book. I would love to read books that you suggest and that you send in. Most of the books are ones that I’ve borrowed or been given, though some of them I do own. (I would love to own them all, but my house simply isn’t big enough. I need to find a place to begin my own library. Plus, I really don’t have the money 😛 ) Most of the books I like because I usually borrow the books that I like – it’s not to diss any one genre or another. I will read any genre, but my favorite are YA fantasy. Paranormals are also pretty good.

I will accept any books to review, and if you wish to send one in for review and want it back, let me know – just give me the title and a brief description beforehand so that I can confirm that I got your comment/email. Also, if you want it back, specify an address to send it to after I’ve finished reviewing it. I’d also be ecstatic to host giveaways, author promotions, etc, etc, to promote your book.

My blog is my honest opinion on books, as well as some things about the book world. I can only hope that while I review more books, more people will join and give me their honest opinions back. Happy reading!



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